Christian's Epic Stories
4.5 Stars



          This story was very surprising because it had a lot of twists and surprising parts. For example when someone sabotaged Luke's speeder and he almost got blown to pieces. This book is very excited because it explains to you every thing that is happening. I recommend this book to all ages and to anyone who loves to read STAR WARS.

The Circuit - Francisco Jimenez

    I think the author wants me to learn from this book is that all men are treated equally and we should treat others as you would like to be treated. In this story the family are immigrants and they came from Mexico to California. We have to understand that this lifestyle of being an immigrant is not easy, especially if you don't have money.One quote from the book is "I clenched my fists and tried  to hold back my tears.By the time the fire men came, the house had burned down completely.The dying flames looked like they were coming from under ground."I found this quote on page"92" 


    This character reminds me of myself because I'm curious and Panchito is curious about knowing English. The moment i liked this book is when they got the bags of candy on page 43. Liked it because they excepted it and did not reject it.It teaches kids to be thankful and take what they get and accept it.